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Dust Collector - Optiflo ( cartridge type)

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Specification:We produce all kind of dust collector, various selections of filter media, sizes and configurations, in application ranging

The OptiFlo cartridge collector system is a completely modular design that allows an unlimited range of sizes. Modules can be interconnected to accommodate the largest air cleaning task. The compact modules conserve valuable space. OptiFlo units have the lowest flange-to-flange pressure drop, allowing up to 10% greater airflow with lower fan horsepower than competitive models. The internal construction of the OptiFlo prevents direct impingement of entering particulate on the cartridges, minimizing abrasion and dust build up. The top entry, " downflow " design eliminates " can velocity " concerns. A wide selection of cartridge types, options, and accessories enable the collector to be tailored to specific application requirements. Choose from top or front inlet and side or bottom
outlet arrangements.

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Name:Mr. Ryan Yap [Sales]
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Mobile Number:0060-17-2370300
Phone Number:0060-3-50397777
Address:Lot 6, Jalan Pengapit 15/19, Seksyen 15
Shah Alam, Malaysia 40000, Jakarta
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